Continuous Delivery with EKS and Jenkins X

EKS and Jenkins X


In this workshop you will learn how to quickly get up and running using EKS and Jenkins X. We’ll explore how to create a fully operational continuous delivery pipeline using Docker containers, EKS, Jenkins X, and quite a few other tools to establish your Kubernetes-native CI/CD process.

All with the goal of having your developers focus on delivering features fast!

What You Will Learn

At the end of this workshop, you will have learned how to get up and running with EKS and Jenkins X, run your apps through CI/CD in Jenkins X and publish them to a staging environment.

Installing Jenkins X on newly created EKS cluster using Jenkins X Boot

Configure a custom domain FQDN: and TLS

Importing an existing app from GitHub and running it through CI/CD

Explore ChatOps in the context of Jenkins X

Explore GitOps and how it works with Jenkins X environments

You can create your EKS cluster using any method you’d like, such as using the eksctl CLI tool or Terraform. From the Jenkins X perspective, how you create your cluster does not matter. We used eksctl to create the cluster we are working with today.

Solution Diagram

solution design